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Artist Shivwa PS known for his soulful portrait paintings. As a Self-taught artist, he began creating portraits of his friends and family in his early ages. After his graduation, he started painting portraits professionally for 30 years to till date. His master creations are “Life history paintings of Raja Sir Muthiah Chettiyar” he painted 60 oil portraits from black and white photos to soulful group portraits in 3 years (2006 - 2009) and many more astonishing works across the globe. Like artist Shivwa PS nature of loving humans, it reflects in his works creating soulful human portraits.

"There is no greater work of Art than a great Portrait"- Henry James

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I've ordered the painting for my grandparents as a 60th-anniversary gift. Friends and family seeing the painting were very surprised by the likeness. I didn’t know what to expect when I submitted the photo. Grandpa cried when I presented the painting to him. Thank you so much for such an amazing painting. I have plans to do the s ame with more of my children.

- Nageshwar Rao

I am celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary this year, wanted something special for my wife. I sent our old wedding photo and what they did with it was amazing. When I finally got the painting delivered and took it out of the box, then I was truly blown away. The detail and work that was put into this were remarkable. She was speechless when presented. Kudos to the artist. What a wonderful thing you do preserving moments in people’s lives.

- Adithya Ram